SEPTEMBER 27-29, 2019



WANTED by Jesus

God-inspired, scripture reading women

Empowered by the Holy Spirit

Enthusiastically living in the FREEDOM we have through Jesus Christ

Passionate about helping women recognize their RADIANCE in God’s eyes



 As women, we look for fulfillment in many areas, not realizing that fulfillment is only found through our deep and faithful relationship with Jesus Christ.  God placed on our hearts a desire to bring women together, in a place where we can hear TRUTH and feel the empowerment and freedom, we are gifted by the Holy Spirit!


 Join us for a weekend of restoration, renewal and Jesus-centered fellowship.


“Before attending the conference, I considered myself a Christian, but I was missing so much of what that truly means. Thanks for making the biggest difference in my life, my family has benefitted, and I have never felt closer to our Lord.”

-Allison N.

“The Wanted Conference inspired my faith in many ways. It truly IGNITED A FIRE! You could feel the LOVE throughout the entire weekend!” –

Sonja S.




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Those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy; no shadow of shame will darken their faces.

Psalm 34:5