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Gwen is a God-fearing, Jesus-loving, Holy Spirit-empowering speaker, teacher, counselor, and officiant who longs to instill in everyone the unconditional love of Jesus Christ; a FREE GIFT to all who breathe!


Gwen has previously served as a youth director for 15 years where she was able to provide opportunities for students to taste and see who Jesus truly is and what it means to know Him personally

After being called away from her youth director position, Gwen felt led to become a chaplain and earned her bachelor's degree in Chaplaincy from Tripp Bible Institute. She currently serves as the Adult Ministry Coordinator at Emmanuel Waupun.


Gwen loves being used by God to fill pulpit supply, speak about Jesus and His Word, marry former youth group members and others, counsel people in various settings, lead bible studies, officiate at funerals, and whatever other opportunities God sends her way.


Gwen's energetic personality, love for God and work of the Holy Spirit will inspire you and motivate your soul to a deeper level with Christ.


Today, Gwen's life includes these 12 grace-gifts straight from God:  husband Steve of 35 years, her 2 sons and their wives, and 7 glorious grandchildren! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

“Gwen has meant so much to my life, I'm not sure where I'd be without her. Next to my parents, I don't think anyone has had a bigger impact on my life. She was my youth director growing up and then I got a chance to work with her as a coach under her. I have learned so much from her but a few of my favorites are, “the devil's favorite word is tomorrow” and “we don't deserve anything, it's by grace we have anything!” 

Dan Tenpas

“Oooh! Are you in for a treat! Gwen is the real deal! She's crazy in love with Jesus and He oozes out of her onto everyone she meets! She will challenge you to love Him & look like Him as she makes your face hurt from smiling! What a WONDERFUL woman!!!” 

Tiffany Thompson

 “What can I say, Gwen is the most caring, compassionate, positive, loving, encouraging person I know, who loves God, family, and friends. She has been a great friend and mentor to hundreds of kids going through their teen years. Not only Gwen alone, but she and her husband, Steve, have given the encouragement that both young and old always need. They make everyone feel like each person has worth in their life and shows it's not her or them, but gives all the credit to our loving Lord.”

Kathy Flier

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