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Praying Intentionally

Bev Smith
We must intentionally use the Word of God in prayer to strategically wield the sword of the Spirit.

Intentionally Living Your God-Given Purpose

Gwen Loomans
"Intentionally living your God-given purpose"; is it really spelled out for us in the Word? Yes! Plain. And. Simple. Then who or what makes it so hard to live out daily?

Intentionally Creating a Christ-Centered Home

Do you ever feel like the days and weeks are just flying by? You are so busy trying to keep up with the daily tasks and activities that there isn't any time left over to focus on what's most important. Let's spend some time discussing ideas on how to refocus your energy to find ways that your family can put Christ first in your day to day lives.

Setting Your God-Given Intentions (Goal Setting)

Ever felt overwhelmed about setting goals? Or frustrated when you choose a goal, but lose the ambition to follow through? Perhaps your goal was more influenced by the WORLD than the WORD. In this session, we’re going inside ourselves to look at each area of our life to set goals that are rooted in Christ and bear great fruit.
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