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Listen...then pray

What if we listened to God's heart for us or for others and THEN prayed? It would be transformational! Key points: 4 kinds of prayers: Prayers of Blessing, Prayers of Faith, Prayers of Healing, Prayers of Prophecy.



Saying No so you can Say Yes!

Are you drowning in your circumstances or seeing a life change that’s causing overwhelming stress and anxiety?  Be encouraged! Learn life saving ways to take control of what you can and let go of what you can’t.



Kids Aren’t the Only Ones Who Grow

Parenting doesn’t end when your kids leave the house, but it does change. No more diapers, terrible twos, managing busy school kids’ schedules or navigating the emotional ups and downs of teenagers. But with adult children a parent’s role of raising and controlling has morphed into praying and influencing. This breakout will explore the changing role of parenting adults so come ready to learn together.



Experiencing God’s Blessings!

Depend upon God in all of your seasons of life! The good, the bad and the ugly seasons!



Convicted - A Wife's Holy Calling

Whether our spouses are away from the Lord or are walking with the Lord, we have an obligation to God in matters that concern them.  We must battle the worldly view of our spouses and trust the conviction that comes from the truth found in the Word of God.



Body Image

We all struggle to love the bodies God gave us. Together let’s start to recognize the masterpiece God has created you to be - flaws and all!



Connecting in a Disconnected World:

Faith and Social Media

Too often today we find ourselves reaching for our phones to find connection.  Even as women of faith.  Let's dive in and discuss how God can build connections in this disconnected, social media driven world.



Living Through Disappointment

When dreams are shattered and your heart is broken how do you find hope for the future, and joy in the present? 



Marriage - Getting Aligned

When the same problems and fights keep creeping into your marriage, how do you re-align yourself with your spouse so that your marriage is moving the same direction. 

Chris & Tim


Taking time with God

Setting aside intentional time with God can be so hard in the midst of our daily lives.  If you need time to sit with Him, time for prayer, journaling, reading scripture, we want you to sign up for this session.  This is self-guided, time for you to connect with God, listen to Him and be in His presence.

You & God

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